00:00 Time Starts Now



We’re living off borrowed time, stop putting things off and do them now. I think we get hung up on the fact that there’s a tomorrow, when in reality there might not be one. You’ll make mistakes, you’ll be heartbroken, you’ll forget to do important things, but it’s apart of living and growing. Embrace the things that make you imperfect, because it makes you, you. Stop worrying about the opinions of others, people will have something to say whether you’re doing bad or good. We have to appreciate what we have while it’s in front of us, before it’s too late. Appreciate all the small things that make our lives amazing, it’ll be no time before it’s all gone. Appreciate the things that you don’t even notice keep you functioning and mobile, like you’re knees; you’ll miss them when they’re gone. In this modern society we get hung up on the material things that make us “happy” but what happens when that fades away? What are you left with? Take away the cars, the phones, the designer brands and who are you really? We buy these things to earn recognition from others, whether it’s bad or good. Without noticing we label ourselves, but get upset when other people judge or label us. We’re asking for attention but don’t want it once it’s in front of us. See, I think life’s about doing right for yourself and for others. I think life’s about the appreciation of the simple things like nature, and the love someone has for you. I think life’s about happiness and living in the moment. We’re forced to think long term but in reality we may not see that chance to live out those dreams. Life’s about NOW. We can’t change the past but we can fix what was done wrong by making things right NOW. We don’t know what the future holds, but we can take steps into building a bright one by doing the small things NOW. At the end of the day when you lay your head down to go to sleep, ask yourself “if today were my last day, would I be satisfied with how I’ve lived it”
You never know when things will be taken away from you. It’s only a matter of time before that timer is up and you have nothing left. Clocks are every where, reminding us that we’re living off borrowed time. When your clock strikes your time, will you be happy?

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