As seen on TV


Have you ever stopped to think that the media sometimes can misinform people or that sometimes people are not literate enough to separate what’s real and what’s not? We get so used to seeing things a certain way so when we don’t see them that exact way we get a little upset. For example, television series representing people/couples. We except people to look this way and act as these families do on television. When I started to think about the television series that are out now about same sex couples I automatically thought about the Fosters. A beautiful series on ABC family that goes into the life of a lesbian couple with adopted children. In fact one of the mothers was married before and had a child of her own with her husband. I first started watching the show because I heard so many good reviews on it. I actually loved the show and how it portrayed a same sex couple. To the contrary I think some people except ALL same sex couples to look this way, which they will not. I then thought about Orange is the New Black the hit series on Netflix that goes into the life of a lesbian prisoner and her struggles with being incarcerated with her ex-girlfriend while being engaged to her future husband. Bizarre plot twist but it happens. By “it happens” I mean, people are bi-sexual and they like both genders. It’s perfectly okay, but once again not every bi-sexual person is how Piper is portrayed in the Netflix series. I didn’t even stop to think about the series that dates back. Before being openly homosexual was popular and that’s the television series Will and Grace. If you know what show I’m talking about then you know about the characters I’m about to name, Jack, Will, Grace, and the ever so funny Karen. If you don’t know the show I’m talking it’s the 20th century go look it up. (kidding) Again not every gay male is as flamboyant as Jack and not every gay male is like Will. Sometimes it’s hard for people who don’t understand the media and how entertainment works, to dissect what’s real and what’s not. The media is just trying to show a representation of a large body of people. They do the same thing with white families, black families, Asian.. etc. Lets face it, growing up we all thought Caucasian families were made up of a husband, a wife, and two children preferably a son and a daughter. A lot of people grew up excepting all families to look the ones that resembled that type of family on television. It’s sad but true. Same thing goes for same sex couples. A lot of people expect for these couples to look like the couples on television or the ones that are in movies They grow accepting of a certain type of couple, so when they see anything different they are not accepting because it’s out of the norm. The media is there to give us a resemblance, something that we can relate back to – but not compare. We have to realize that people come in all different shapes, colors, races, etc. So not every person is going to look identical to the ones we see on television. We have to accept everyone as they are, and not except to see what we see on television all the time.. because it’s simply not realistic. I found this an interesting read and invite anyone reading this blog to check it out, we get influenced by our peers with social media, check it out

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  1. Your blogs are all so good…you just need to add links to them! Take me to other places on the web…pics, sources, other interesting blogs/reads, video…

    Social this thing up, friend!

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