Million Dollar Lifestyle


The phrase “lying to die”
people should be dying to live life is a blessing and we should all appreciate it. I think we get hung up on the idea of materials instead of worrying about what life is truly about, family, friends, laughter, love and happiness. Those are all things money can’t buy. You can be the richest person in the world and lack family or happiness and that makes you poor. Our generation gets hung up on the idea of materialism. So when asked what’s wrong with our society I simply say- the fact that we want to be better than the next person. Why can’t we live our lives the way we want to? Isn’t it easier to live a life of simplicity anyway? If you spend all your money on buying things to make you popular, then once you achieve that “milestone” you have to keep up with it, and if you don’t those who once praised you will judge you. They’ll call you names, and they’ll label you. That’s all our society does, is label and judge. We should be tired of being bunched up into categories just because we do things similar to others! If you wear expensive clothes you’re a cool kid, if you wear non-name brand things you’re poor. We’re in competition with someone who is in competition with you, so who wins? I’ll tell you who wins, the person that doesn’t live by the opinion of others. The person that wants to live freely and openly. We should all strive to be the person that worries about their happiness, above all other things.
Who sets these rules to society anyway?

We all try to impress people that try to impress us. We leave a lasting impression on people that don’t matter. We are too caught up on material value rather than personal accomplishments. We value and praise things that can easily be taken from us. We worry about being the richest but how far does money get you? If all our lives we live to impress others how happy are we really?

Life is much more than material things. It’s appreciation of the small things such as a random phone call from your favorite relative just to say hello, or walking down the street and finding money on the ground. Those are the things money can’t buy you. These are the things society forgets to remind us to appreciate. We should be striving to be better people on the inside and not so worried about what’s on the outside.
Think about these two things:
1. The only person you should try to impress is the person that looks you back in the mirror each day.
2. The greatest things are life are free if you have to buy it will probably only bring you temporary happiness!


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