Lets take risk..


In today’s society especially in our younger generations, the kids are more fascinated with making money than getting an education. I know a lot of young adults who have opted out of going to college after high school graduation to take on a full time position. They have done so because of how messed up some of the school systems can be. Now granted I have had the opportunity to attend both catholic grade school and high school. So my school environment was much different than those kids who attended a public education; especially in my broken neighborhood. With that being said let’s get into what education does to our society and why having education is important. I must agree to some degree that you don’t need a master’s degree to excel in today’s world, but you need some sort of education in order to be accepted by society. A lot of young adults in today’s society do not want to continue their education because one they think they can make more money straight out of high school, they can’t afford the money to pay for secondary education, and or they do not want to finish high school. A lot of people in today’s society do not think that getting a college education is essential to moving forward in this world. With that being said, a lot of kids also opt out of finishing school because the learning environment in our school systems have killed the urge to learn, read, and explore. Our school system has killed a lot of self-confidence some of the students had prior to coming into our school systems. In a lot of schools, teachers aren’t making the cut to effectively teach or keep kids interested in the material they are learning. In schools, kids feel like they aren’t being taught materials that will help them in the real world. I agree, kids should be taught more about banking skills than algebra. With the growing rate of technology our computers, cell phones, and calculators can do any algebra we need. Our school systems make it very hard to learn. The school systems make it difficult to be yourself. With the different mix of kids bunched in one classroom it makes it difficult to try to stay focused. Teachers focus more on textbook material and dry learning than making things exciting and interesting. Because of this problem, kids find a full time position where they will make money and don’t need education. But how far can we go with just learning from a textbook, and how far can street smarts take you? Ethically our nation judges someone on the value of education to them. We look down to people that don’t finish school, but forget to remember that some of the smartest people on Wall Street have opted out of Ivy League schools to excel in life. With experience people learn more and more on their on than they would have done in a classroom. Check this link out below to see what other people are thinking about our school systems as well: http://staytrillgui.tumblr.com/post/82459961370/jarnesfranco-whats-a-boyband-hamsterloki

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