Let’s stand out


Walking out in today’s society everyone has something to say about someone or something. As a society we only accept people if they are following the new trends. For example it appears that everyone looks the same (by that I mean the same hairstyles, same outfits, same shoes etc. ) It’s hard to try to be different without being judged or labeled if you don’t look like the “cool kids”. It’s hard to try to be unique without being judge based off appearance. Does that really matter? Does dressing your own way make you unique or does that stand as a cry for attention? Even I have to admit I judge a person based off their physical appearance. But unlike others I actually give the person some credit and not just rule them out because I don’t like their outfit. I know that there is more to a person than what they are wearing. I understand that everyone has their own taste and I don’t like people that try to be someone else just because society expects you to look a certain way. Why is it that society wants you to look a certain way anyway? I mean is there an actual rule written saying you must look, dress, and act in a certain way to be accepted into our society. It almost seems as if we have a checklist of things we want a person to look or dress like to be accepted into our opinionated judgmental society. In reality that’s all it is. One person doesn’t like how you dress so they label you. That one person has a group of friends that follows their every move; so instead of having one person that doesn’t agree with how you look or how you dress you have a group of people all in unison judging you. Dress code is just one of the many examples of how opinionated and judgmental our society is. We live in a very opinionated society; people are going to have something to say whether you’re doing bad or good. You can’t let the opinion of others frustrate you forcing you to become someone you’re not. Just because someone doesn’t like how you dress or doesn’t like your hairstyle doesn’t mean you aren’t good enough. You can’t let someone else’s opinions determine what you do and where you go in life. Happiness comes from within. Do not stop doing what you love just because someone doesn’t like it. If it makes you happy by all means carry on. When you try to fit in to society you find that you actually lose yourself. Everyone is unique in his or her own ways so don’t try to be someone else. There is no one like you on this planet. There are too many ethical issues with how judgmental our society is. There are too many things telling you to fit it, for example ads, magazines, television shows, etc. When you fit in with everyone else you don’t get noticed. It is better to stand a lone than be with a herd of people that act, and look the same. At the end of the day you have your sanity. You are not competing with anyone but yourself; the group of people that are acting the same are competing with one another. Break the rules of society and never be afraid to be yourself. You’ll be happier in the end.

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