White Knuckles

Life Lessons


As a child we were always asked the question, “what do you want to be when you grow up?” The truth of the matter is that some people never get to be exactly what they dreamed. In fact many people never get to have their dream car, their dream house, or anything that they once planned to have in life. Why is that? Why can’t we have things the way we want or have the life that we planned? To ask that question may be selfish but realistically who isn’t? I mean when you’re raised to have big dreams and high expectations why can’t you get what you want if you work so hard? We strive and sacrifice so much for these dreams to come true only to be disappointed when it doesn’t happen. Wouldn’t it be easier to tell us to dream big but realize that things wont always go as planned? You can do all the planning you want but know that life’s uncertainties will happen.
Face it no one nor anything in this world is perfect, so things won’t always go as planned. Although we fear the unknown, sometimes it best to let go of the things we so strongly protect – beliefs in our heads, ideas about the way things should be, people in our lives. We hold on to certain plans, people and situations because we fear not being able to cope without them. Explore the opportunities life has to offer. When your knuckles are white from holding on too tightly to the things you planned, maybe its time to loosen your grip. Let go of the plans you once had and realize that better things may be awaiting you. Things happen for a reason let life run its course. Don’t question every bad situation. Sometimes the best things in life happen when you least expect them or when you don’t plan for them. When you let go of what you once planned you give room to the potential of something better. Realize that life is about chances and taking risk. Let go of your plans to discover the life that is waiting for you. When you let go of what you are, what else might you be?

Photograph by: Irene Matos
Quote: Joseph Campbell

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