What are you thankful for the sales or the family?


Isn’t it a shame that we trade time with our families to spend time in those long lines on Thanksgiving night?
What happen to the real meaning of the holiday? Where we give thanks for our blessings throughout the year and what we are thankful most about. I personally love Thanksgiving it’s the only time besides funerals that my family all gets together. Besides I’m sure I’m not the only one that loves free food at large consumptions. As years pass on and I get older the holidays aren’t what they use to be. Christmas I get less and less gifts, New Year’s Eve everyone wants to drink, and Thanksgiving everyone wants to skip to go shopping. I love thanksgiving as I said before and not just because the food or family but because we are brought together to be thankful for things. In all honestly we are thankful for things that we should appreciate everyday of the year but many only get to show that appreciation one day. Many people have opted out of this celebration. They opted out to spend time with total strangers wanting the same gift items as them. Instead of being thankful for family they’re thankful for a sale priced item. No more waiting in line for food, these people wait in line for a sale. The worse part of this all is that it’s not Black Friday Sales it’s not even Friday yet it’s still “Thanksgiving” Day. What people are now calling “Brown Thursday.” Some stores started their sales at 5pm on Thursday evening. During the time many families are just sitting down to eat their Thanksgiving meal. Others stores started at 6pm, 8pm, 10pm, etc on Thursday night. I must admit I once would go in a frenzy trying to rush through dinner to get to the stores on time. Not anymore, not when they try to make a 2-Day sale of it. It’s almost as though corporate America doesn’t want us to celebrate this thankful feast we call “Thanksgiving.” They want us to spend all of our money on Christmas gifts. In reality the material gifts given on Christmas aren’t the real reason for the holiday either. Which many Americans believe that’s what Christmas is all about, GIFTS. Let’s be honest here we live in a very materialistic world, partly because of the nation we live in. Look at the reality of it, we rather spend time in lines with strangers waiting for a sale than with our family on a holiday. It’s a sad reality but the truth. It seems as if they want to get rid of a holiday that is special to our nation just for some sales. Why can’t we all go back to having dinner with our families on Thursday night and then waking up Friday morning to go shopping. After all isn’t it called “Black Friday” for a reason; or are we just thankful for the sales starting a day earlier?

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